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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get answer to your question as quick as possible we have gathered the most frequently asked questions here.

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What is Dom Pedro Club Card?

Dom Pedro Club Card is an exclusive privilege program that allows loyal guests to enjoy special benefits and services every time they stay at a Dom Pedro Hotel.

What are the advantages of joining?

All members of Dom Pedro Club Card can accumulate credits towards their stays, every time they book directly with a Dom Pedro Hotel. Only bookings made directly with a Dom Pedro Hotel will be consider as an eligible stay, and will give members credits for their stays.
A member of our program has a special recognition and can enjoy from special rates on several services.

Members can accumulate credits on all eligible Dom Pedro services they use and redeem them for several benefits. For every €1 spent in hotels, you accumulate 1 point.

How can I enroll?

Membership and the card are free of charge.

After your enrollment, we will send you an email with your ID member and all the information regarding the Dom Pedro Club Card program.

How can I make a reservation?

The best way is to book on our website by entering your Club Card number when filling in the booking details. The Club Card Price is shown from the room type selection. 
If it is not possible to book online, please contact the hotel directly informing your Club Card number, or first and last name, or email address with which you joined the Club Card.

How do I earn points?

You will earn credits for each eligible reservation (reservations made directly with a Dom Pedro Hotel, no third parties involved) and eligible extra charges (charges paid directly by members to the hotel). Credits are only credited after check-out.

What are elegible credits?

The amount spent on room and extra services are considered eligible to credit on your credit balance if booked directly with Dom Pedro Hotels.

How many credits do I have?

To know your credit balance by contact the hotel directly with your Club Card number, or first and last name, or Email you used to sign up for the Club Card.

How can I redeem my credits?

You can redeem your points whenever you reach the minimum number of points required for each redeem. Points are only available one day after payment of the invoice.
You must request the points rebate directly from the hotel where you are booking by email or telephone when making the booking request.

Can I combine credits from two different accounts and redeem them?

No. Your credits cannot be combined with credits from another account. The use of the Dom Pedro Club Card is subject to the Terms & Conditions issued to each member.

Can I transfer complimentary nights for other guests?

Yes, complimentary nights can be transferred to other guests, if the request was made by the member.

Can I receive credits for two or more rooms if I'm paying for them?

Yes, you can be credited for all reservations, if they are eligible for crediting and both rooms are paid together on one folio.

My points weren't credited, how can I claim them?

If you were not properly credited with your credits regarding your last stay, you can claim them by sending an e-mail to, with the follow information:

. Name of the reservation
. Club Card Number
. Name of the hotel 
. Check-in date
. Check-out date

Can I cancel a reservation after I have requested redemption of credits?

You must cancel your reservation until 48h before your check in date. After that period we will redeem your credits.

Do my credits expire?

Yes, credits will expire 3 years after they have been earned.

I'm not a member, but I have already book a room. If I join now or during my stay, will I earn credits from this stay?

Yes, if your reservation was made directly with Dom Pedro Hotels you will earn credits for accommodation and all Dom Pedro services.

If your reservation was made with a third party you will earn credits only for all used Dom Pedro services.

I still have questions

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