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"Sustainability Engaged" Certification from the Tourism 360° Companies Program

On 2023, Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection received the "Sustainability Engaged" seal awarded by Turismo de Portugal through the Tourism 360° Companies Program, regarding the activity of its 7 hotel units and 5 golf courses in the year 2022. The public recognition event for the 24 companies that completed the certification program took place at the Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra and was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce, and Services, Nuno Fazenda.

As part of Pillar 4 - P4.4 Sustainability in Companies and Destinations - of the Tourism Recovery Program (PRT), the Tourism 360° Companies Program aims to place companies at the center of the sector's sustainable transformation process. The measure seeks to accelerate the incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) indicators into organizations, challenging them to actively reassess their environmental, social, and governance practices.

Receiving the "Sustainability Engaged" certification represents the first step in Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection's ambitious and transformative journey of ESG management, showcasing the brand's commitment to optimizing positive impacts on the planet, people, and the economy. This certification is a significant milestone in the brand's sustainability management journey and an endorsement of its ongoing efforts to create a better world through its operations in different locations. Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection takes pride in being part of a growing community of organizations actively working towards a more sustainable future and will continue to explore new opportunities, collaborate with its key stakeholders, and lead by example in managing sustainable development.

The certification process assessed various aspects of sustainability, including environmental conservation, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection's commitment to sustainable practices in its hotel units and golf courses has resulted in this prestigious recognition. By implementing innovative initiatives and adopting responsible practices, Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection continues to prioritize sustainability and make a difference in the tourism industry. The group's commitment to ESG principles and the Tourism 360° Companies Program reinforces its position in sustainable hospitality best practices.

To reduce the ecological footprint

Dom Pedro Hotels Group & Golf Collection applies good environmental practices on a daily basis to minimize the environmental impact. Preventing pollution and using resources in a sustainable way, to reduce the ecological footprint.

We promote the environmental sustainability of the planet through environmental policies like rational water consumption, energy saving, waste management, proper use of detergents and disinfectants. We seek to continuously engage all stakeholders in positive actions for the environment. Because every action counts.