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Typical Algarve dishes you can't miss!


With a warm Mediterranean climate and stunning beaches and cliffs, the Algarve is a popular region of Portugal. And although it is not so well known for its delicious gastronomy, it has plenty to offer food lovers.

Traditional Algarve food is rich in fish and Mediterranean flavours, prepared with a simplicity that makes Algarve cuisine a true national treasure.

From fresh fish and seafood to delicious fruit and sweets, discover the main Algarvian dishes and sweets that you can't miss!


Typical Algarvian Dishes

Conquilhas à Algarvia

The "conquilhas", also known as "cadelinhas", are a delicious starter or snack, made with garlic and coriander and sprinkled with lemon at the end.

Conquilhas are similar to clams but smaller, and live close to the edge of the sea, buried in the sand a few centimeters deep.

If you're a fan of seafood, the taste of the sea and hot summer afternoons, then you'll appreciate "Conquilhas à Algarvia", a typical dish that you must try!

Arroz de Lingueirão

As an example of the importance of the Ria Formosa and the activities linked to fishing, we have the famous "Arroz de Lingueirão" (razor clam rice).

The razor clams are easily caught when salt is put in the burrow where they hide, causing them to quickly emerge from the surface of the sand. This is one of the shellfish most appreciated by the Portuguese, and the razor clam rice is one of the best recipes to enjoy this bivalve.

Lulinhas Fritas à Algarvia

The "Lulinhas Fritas à Algarvia", fried Algarve-style squid, has a touch of the sea and tradition that will awaken your senses.

Accompanied by white rice or boiled potatoes, fried Algarve-style squid are made with garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Although they may seem like few ingredients, the combination of these ingredients with fresh, small squid makes your mouth water.

Algarvian Salad

On hot summer days there is nothing better than an Algarvian salad to accompany a good fish dish, for example.

The base of the Algarvian salad is tomato with a touch of cucumber and peppers and can have many other fresh ingredients in the mix, it all depends on the chef.

Despite its simplicity, it is capable of refreshing anyone during the summer in the Algarve.

Frango à Guia

The "Frango à Guia", also known as "Piri-Piri Chicken", is one of the best-known dishes of traditional Algarve food.

This is considered one of the best roasted chickens in Portugal and was inspired by a recipe that originated in the Ultramar, developed by Mr. Ramires in the parish of Guia, Albufeira.

The big secret is the sauce, kept under lock and key, which has always aroused the curiosity of those who try this delicacy. Enjoy a Piri-Piri Chicken during your stay in the Algarve!

Xarém com Conquilhas

The "Xarém com Conquilhas" consists of porridge made with corn flour, a traditional Algarve dish that, unfortunately, is not one of the easiest to find in restaurants, but it is worth trying.

The Xarém dish consists of conquilhas (wedge clam), corn flour, strips of smoked bacon, slices of bread cut into squares, water, olive oil, onion, coriander, and salt.

If you are still not familiar with this typical Algarve dish, you don't know what you're missing!


Algarve Sweets

Dom Rodrigo

Dom Rodrigo" is a traditional Algarve sweet, created in the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, in Lagos, to honour the captain-general of the Algarve, D. Rodrigo de Menezes.

The dessert is made with egg yarn, almond kernels, sugar in syrup and doce de ovos (sweet egg cream), wrapped in coloured tin foil in the shape of sweets.

A real bomb of sweetness that makes your mouth water.

Folar de Olhão

The "Folar de Olhão" is a typical sweet of the town of Olhão, proper of the Easter season, but that leaves us nostalgic throughout the year.

The dough of the "Folar de Olhão" is made with wheat flour, yeast, lemon juice, water, brown sugar, and margarine, with layers of melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Do you feel like trying this Algarve sweet? Believe me, you won't regret it!

Queijinhos de Figo

The sweetest and tastiest figs are produced in the Algarve, which after drying, are coarsely ground, and cooked with a mixture of sugar, almond, cocoa, chocolate, sweet herb, aniseed, and lemon, resulting in the famous "Queijinhos de Figo" (fig cheeses).

Queijinhos de Amêndoa

The "Queijinhos de Amêndoa", almond cheeses, are made with almonds and
doce de ovos (sweet egg cream) in the shape of a little cheese, a sweet experience prepared to sweeten the mouth.

Carob Pie

Carob Pie
, besides the flour of the fruit, is also made with almonds. It is a tart rich in flavours, moist, intense and with an irresistible texture. Be sure to try this Algarve sweet which is made with two of the three most used ingredients in Algarve sweets: almond, carob, and fig.

Come and live a true gastronomic experience in the south of Portugal and stay at one of our hotels in the Algarve. And why not pay a visit to Búzios Beach Bar? Where you can delight yourself with quality Algarvian cuisine, while enjoying the fabulous sea view, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We are waiting for you!

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