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Best Lisbon museums - Convent of Carmo

Museums in Lisbon that tell the story of Portugal

Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is known for its rich history and culture. For those who like to travel back in time through museums, the Portuguese capital has more than 50 museums for art, history and culture lovers of the city. Discover the main museums in Lisbon that tell the history of Portugal.

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Pena Palace – Palaces in Lisbon

The Palaces in Lisbon that look like straight out of a fairy tale

Some people believe that elegant and exquisite palaces only exist in fairy tales, but don't be fooled! Over the centuries, several royal palaces and noble palaces have been built in and around the beloved Portuguese capital, palaces that look like straight out of fairy tales. For architecture lovers, history buffs and for those who like to go back in time, we have chosen the best and most beautiful palaces in Lisbon, the ones you can't miss when visiting Lisbon!

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