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Places to visit

Pena Palace – Palaces in Lisbon

The Palaces in Lisbon that look like straight out of a fairy tale

Some people believe that elegant and exquisite palaces only exist in fairy tales, but don't be fooled! Over the centuries, several royal palaces and noble palaces have been built in and around the beloved Portuguese capital, palaces that look like straight out of fairy tales. For architecture lovers, history buffs and for those who like to go back in time, we have chosen the best and most beautiful palaces in Lisbon, the ones you can't miss when visiting Lisbon!

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Belem Tower - Monuments in Lisbon

The Monuments you can't miss in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of life, but it is also a place with centuries of history to tell. There is much to discover, however, we have elected some of the best monuments with you in mind. The monuments in Lisbon are a direct testimony of Portugal's History, for this reason, we have produced an itinerary with the main monuments to visit in Lisbon!

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