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Guide for a memorable day at Monsanto Forest Park


The city of Lisbon is full of touristic and historical sites, which appeal to visitors from all over the globe. The Portuguese capital has the biggest forest park in Portugal, and one of the largest in Europe, and it is considered the Lisbon’s Lung! But what is there to know about this forest, where can visitors find it and what can they do? We have gathered all the answers you need for a memorable day in Monsanto Forest Park!


The History of Lisbon’s Lung

Monsanto Forest Park (Parque Florestal de Monsanto) was not always the vast forest that it is today. In the XIX century it was just a landscape without trees, mainly used as a farming area.

It was only in the 1930's that the Park was created, and the trees were planted. Today this artificial forest is almost three times bigger than Central Park in New York!


Where can you find Monsanto Forest Park

The Monsanto Forest Park it’s located in Serra do Monsanto where you will be able to see many historical landmarks, such as the Monsanto Quarries (Pedreiras de Monsanto), the Lisbon Entrenched Camp (Campo Entrincheirado de Lisboa) and the Monsanto Windmills (Moinhos de Monsanto).

From Dom Pedro Lisboa Hotel, the drive to the famous Forest of Lisbon takes only 8 minutes! The park has multiple accesses and nearby parking lots in its surroundings.

If you would rather, you may also reach the park by bus, by taking one of the buses that stops near the hotel.


Guide for a memorable day at Monsanto Forest Park

Lisbon’s Lung contains several entertainment spaces where it is possible to do all kinds of activities. From walks, snacks, parties, outdoor exercise, and even cultural activities.

Monsanto Trails

Although you can visit the park by bike or by car, the best way to explore it is by foot!

With the creation of new trails and the implementation of identification signs to ease the circulation, the Monsanto Trails are ideal to immerse yourself in the most emblematic spots of this green area.

If you enjoy walking, venture out to explore one out of the 14 pedestrian trails in the Monsanto Park: Corredor Verde, Rota da Água, Seis Pedreiras, Montado de Monsanto, Moinhos do Mocho, Keil do Amaral, Vila Pouca, Campismo, Encosta da Pimenteira, Alto do Duque, Circuito Acessível, Rota da Biodiversidade Ocidental and Anfiteatro Keil do Amaral.

If, on the other hand, you rather speed up your pace, Monsanto also has two running trails: Trilho de Corrida and BTT / Trail Run.

Have a look at the Monsanto General Map to find the pedestrian and running trails. With this map you won't get lost in this park with over 1000 acres!

Monsanto Viewpoints

From the various Viewpoints of Monsanto, it is possible to get a glimpse of the city of Lisbon and the Tagus River. But the most famous one is the Viewpoint of Panorâmico de Monsanto, located in a mysterious building with a 360º view over the city. Although it has been left abandoned, it has been redeveloped by Lisbon City Hall to host performances and urban art events.

Monsanto Parks

Adventure Parks

For those who are more adventurous, there is also the possibility to venture into the Adventure Parks of Monsanto - Mata de S. Domingos de Benfica Park and Pedra Park.

In the Park of Mata de S. Domingos de Benfica, you can find the biggest artificial climbing wall in Portugal! Challenge yourself in the 12-meters-high tower, with different levels of difficult and ready to receive climbers of all levels.

Picnic Parks

Monsanto is a popular place for outdoor picnics and birthday parties. If you want to have a simple picnic, all you need to bring is a blanket and food. However, if you prefer something different, the Picnic Parks in Monsanto are ideal, as they are equipped with tables, benches, and grills.


Lisbon’s Lung is also the perfect place for the little ones, with two Playgrounds where fun rules - Alto da Serafina Recreational Park and Alvito Children's Park.

Dog Park

Our four-legged friends are also welcomed in the park, with a dedicated area just for them, the Monsanto Dog Park.

Sports Equipment

If you would rather exercise in the outdoors in Lisbon, there are plenty of sports equipment options to choose from, whether it's fitness circuits and basketball courts, or ping-pong tables and skate parks.


Monsantos Open Air

Considered Lisbon's best kept secret, Monsantos Open Air is a social space that brings together culture, music, food, and fun. Monsantos has three different spaces: Garden, Restaurant and Club, each with its own unique features.

Stay tuned to the space's agenda, which always contains news for visitors!

Make the most of your stay with the Dom Pedro Lisboa Hotel. Close to the main tourist attractions of this city, including Monsanto Forest Park, our hotel is a natural choice for those who wish to explore the Portuguese capital in a comfortable way and in the centre. Come and visit us!

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