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The best beaches in the Algarve to visit during the summer holidays


The Algarve is a region of Portugal rich in warm water beaches, stunning rock formations and breathtaking landscapes that, together with the high temperatures during the summer, make the Algarve a true swimmers' paradise.

Discover the best islands and beaches in the Algarve for sunbathing during your summer holidays in Portugal!


Beaches with Nature

If spending the day lying on a beach relaxing is not enough for you, if besides being a beach lover you are also a lover of natural landscapes, then get to know the beaches in the Algarve that are true works of art created by nature.


In the wide bay of Lagos lies the extensive Meia-Praia beach, which stretches all the way to Alvor, making it ideal for long walks on the beach.

As this is one of the few sandy beaches in the county, besides sunbathing on the beach, you can enjoy water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, among many others.

Meia-Praia, the largest beach in the Algarve, is only 3 minutes away from the Dom Pedro Lagos hotel, the hotel for those who want to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation in Lagos and with a stunning sea view!


Camilo and Dona Ana Beaches

Nestling between cliffs, Camilo beach has a small sandy beach which can be reached by a staircase of about 200 steps. Enjoy the panoramic view from the cliff top, a truly breathtaking view with a wide perspective over the ocean.

Take the day off to also visit Dona Ana beach, close to Camilo beach, with a magnificent view over the Atlantic and the shapes of the cliffs.

Sheltered between the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade, this picturesque beach in Lagos is bathed by a clear and calm sea. In the sea you may even see seaweed, anemones, starfish, urchins, shrimps, and small fish.


Benagil Caves

The Algarve has numerous rock formations, but the best known is the Benagil Cave in Carvoeiro.

Wind and wave erosion open cavities in the rock, forming one of the most beautiful sea caves in the world. The Algar de Benagil has a small opening at the top, a truly beautiful sight.

The interior of Benagil's Cave is only accessible by sea. However, you can also marvel at the cave from above through the Sete Vales Suspensos (Seven Hanging Valleys) trail.


Marinha Beach

Praia da Marinha (Marinha Beach) is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, due to the union of the golden cliffs with the blue of the sea.

On this beach there is a remarkable diversity of marine habitats that shelter colourful sea urchins and anemones, shoals of breams, octopuses and cuttlefish, or delicate seahorses. In addition to the incredible marine nature, which you can observe through an underwater trail, you can also take a walk on the nature trail that runs along the line of cliffs between this beach and Vale Centeanes. On this beach, you can find the famous rock whose shape resembles an "M" and, if you look in the right direction, you will be surprised by a heart formed from the perspective of the cliff.


Explore the Algarve Islands

The Ria Formosa has a wide variety of habitats, including vast sandy barrier-islands, where villages have been developed in harmony with the Ria.

If lying on a beach all day is not the picture of a perfect day for you, if you are always looking for something new to explore or for adventure, then check out some of the Algarve's islands with plenty to explore.



Tavira Island stretches for several kilometers and has soft golden sand, ideal for children to make sandcastles. Although the beach is very clean, with a calm and crystal-clear sea, the water is colder than other beaches in the Algarve.

For a full day at Tavira Island you cannot miss the Barril beach, awarded with the Blue Flag. In the dunes of this beach is the Cemitério das Âncoras (Anchor Cemetery), with more than 100 anchors, used as a memorial to the decline of the tuna fishing fleet.

The access to Barril beach can be done on foot through a small bridge that crosses the Ria Formosa, followed by a trail and footpath that crosses the island. But the funniest access is made by a small train, which leaves from Pedras D'el Rei, next to the tourist village.



The beauty of Armona Island's beaches together with the wild nature will make you think you have found paradise in the Algarve.

After the boat trip from Olhão to Armona Island, you can choose to stay on Armona-Ria beach with its clear and calm waters, or you can choose to explore the island and go to the western end of the island, where you will find the sea and warm easterly winds.

On Armona Island there are no cars, no roads, and no hotels, so this is the ideal island to explore on foot!


Desert Island

The name of the island is a matter of debate among the Algarvian population, some insist that the name of the island is Deserta (Deserted), and some insist that the name is Barreta. However, both names are correct! Barreta is the geographical name of the island, and the name Deserta appeared among fishermen, due to the fact that the island is not populated and has remained untouched over the years.

Barreta beach, on the seaside, is not only one of the best-preserved beaches, but also one of the least frequented beaches in the Algarve.

On the Ria side, you can start an environmental walk around the island, ending the walk on the beach on the Coast side. With this walk you can enjoy the smell of nature and discover the immense biodiversity of Ilha Deserta.

Come and enjoy the summer in Portugal with the best beaches in the Algarve. We are waiting for you!

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