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The Dom Pedro Group invests in sustainable golf courses


Golf is a sport that puts the athlete in contact with nature, making the athlete aware of the importance of preserving the golf course and the environment where it is located.

Although there is a myth that golf is a non-sustainable sport, the reality is that golf courses, with the proper financial incentives and good management, can help combat climate change.

Taking into account the importance and urgency of continuing to bring more sustainability to golf, the Dom Pedro group invested about 2.5 million euros in the requalification of its five golf courses in Vilamoura, in order to turn them into ecological and more sustainable golf courses, promoting their financial and environmental sustainability.


Environmental Sustainability of Dom Pedro Golf Courses


Water is one of the main pillars of environmental sustainability of golf courses. And it must be used efficiently and only where it is needed and in the ideal quantity.

As such, the main actions carried out in this area were based on three pillars: grass resilient to lack of water, a new generation irrigation system installed to suit the course and the irrigation of a minimum area necessary for golf practice.

The first action was at the grass level, and we started to use grass species that are resilient to water scarcity and therefore do not need so much water. Dom Pedro Laguna is the first golf course in Portugal to have greens with bermudagrass (a type of warm-season grass that is highly tolerant of water shortages).

The second action was in terms of irrigation, where we reduced the irrigated area to what is strictly necessary, in order to water only the playing area. The pumping and irrigation systems were also upgraded to more modern and more efficient water distribution systems.


The use of plant protection products is only made when strictly necessary and when there are no alternative solutions to solve the problem.

Over the last few years, we have been focusing on the introduction of biological products with the objective of reducing the consumption of fungicides on the greens. Also, the new grasses that we have been introducing are very resilient against pests and weeds and diseases, reducing the need to apply pesticides on golf courses.


On energy consumption, we have opted for two approaches, to switch from fossil fuels to electric energy and to reduce consumption.

The new utility transports purchased are fully electric and we currently only purchase combustion machines if there is no viable electric alternative.

The renovation of the Dom Pedro Millennium and Dom Pedro Victoria hydro stations represent an action to save electricity, to the extent that the investment will be paid off in less than 5 years. Also, the introduction of slow growing grass contributes to reduce energy consumption.


Golf waste management is another pillar of the environmental sustainability of any golf course, whose storage and subsequent treatment is carried out based on the required legality and the recommendations of good environmental practices.

The starting point for waste management is its separation, which we do from the basic (common waste) to the more complex, such as scrap metal.

In the case of organic waste, we have different ways of treating it, which can be sent for composting or can be incorporated into the soil.


The last pillar of our sustainability strategy for Dom Pedro Golf courses is biodiversity, as our courses are areas of great ecological value and are the natural habitat of countless species of wildlife.

The diversity of the ecosystems existing on the different courses allows for the experience of rich and varied fauna and flora, with emphasis on the large number of birds recorded.

Besides birds, some species of small mammals also inhabit the pine forests, lawns and undergrowth of the Dom Pedro Golf courses. There are also reptiles in various parts of the courses.


Share your passion for golf with us and enjoy a good round on one of our prestigious sustainable golf courses in Vilamoura!

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