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Five tips to reduce stress and truly relax your mind on holiday

I'm going on holiday. Now what? Learn how to avoid pre-holiday stress and learn how to truly disconnect from work during your solo or family holiday.
There has never been more talk about life work balance and for many, finding a balance between work and family is a daily challenge. More challenging it 
becomes when we go on holiday and want to rest and spend time with our family, but our mind is still on the pending tasks at work.

In the technology age and smartphones, which seem like extensions of our own hands, it is very tempting to keep checking emails from clients and messages from our colleagues.

The best way to really relax during your well-deserved holiday is to completely disconnect all the devices you are connected to and immerse yourself in the world around you. There are no magic solutions, but this one works.

Follow us in this guide where we teach you 5 strategies to ensure you can fully enjoy your holiday and yours, without being stressed about work all the time:

1. Inform your peers and clients

Inform your peers and clients in advance that you will be on holiday and ensure you leave a clear automated email response stating the name of the contact person in your absence.

2. Break free from social media

Social media is a good way to communicate, but we all know that we end up spending more time than we would like browsing. Avoid information overload during the holidays and relax in the present.

3. Read on paper

Take the opportunity to read that book you have wanted to read so badly and have not had time to read yet. The iPad and Kindle are amazing inventions, but unless you take more than a 3-week holiday, chances are you only need one or two books. Also buy a magazine or newspaper and rediscover the pleasures of reading and the smell of paper. By opting for traditional ways of reading, the temptation to surf the web is certainly lessened as well.

4. Set personal and family limits

Clearly distinguish your solo moments from your family moments. In both cases be prepared to be completely focused either on you or on your family. Enjoy time for yourself and time with your family without distractions or rushing.

5. Limit screen time to a minimum

We know it would be almost impossible to disconnect from a smartphone when you have already disconnected from other devices. So, if you cannot disconnect completely, set aside limited time to check your emails. A fair suggestion would be to dedicate 15 minutes a day, twice a day.
Holidays are important and when enjoyed fully, they can create new perspectives, creative insights, and reduced levels of stress. It is undeniable that holidays benefit our mental and physical health, but they can also boost our career in a very positive way.

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