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Discover the best tram rides in Lisbon


With over a century of history, Lisbon's trams are a symbol of the Portuguese capital. More than just a means of transport and part of a beautiful photograph, trams in Lisbon are the ideal transport for sightseeing and getting to know the city.

To live the classic Lisbon experience, the famous yellow carriages are ideal, but there are also the red carriages that are only destined for tourist routes.

Discover the main routes for a tram ride in Lisbon!


The famous Tram 28 in Lisbon

When we think of trams in Lisbon, the Tram 28 automatically comes to mind, famous for its route that passes through several tourist spots and traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon.

Besides being considered as a "slow-motion" ride through the historic heart of the city of Lisbon, it is also a way of getting around in the Lisboners' daily life.

Tram 28 route

The departure point of the Tram 28 is Martim Moniz Square and the last stop is Prazeres Cemetery, in Campo de Ourique. It makes around 36 stops through the most beautiful old quarters of the city, always full of life.

During the journey on board the Tram 28, there are several attractions in Lisbon you can visit, such as the Graça and Alfama quarters, the Portas do Sol viewpoint, Chiado and Praça Luis Camões, the famous Sé de Lisboa and the Basílica da Estrela, among many others.

To avoid the long queues, we suggest you take the tour in the opposite direction to the most popular route with tourists: start the tour at Prazeres Cemetery and finish at Martim Moniz Square.


Tram 25

Starting from Figueira Square, Tram 25 goes to Campo de Ourique, passing by some attractions like the Comércio Square, Santos neighbourhood, Jardim and Basílica da Estrela (Estrela Garden and Basilica) and the Prazeres Cemetery.

Tram 25 keeps a short distance from the Tagus River until Santos. It is from the Santos neighbourhood that it starts to go up and pass through the streets of Madragoa and the National Museum of Ancient Art.

From Santos, Tram 25 goes to Lapa, a tall, bright, and glamorous neighbourhood where are located many embassies and one of the most mythical fado houses of Lisbon, Sr. Vinho.


Tram 24

Tram 24 runs along a utilitarian route for many Lisboners, connecting the downtown area of the city to a more business-oriented zone. However, along the way it passes by some of Lisbon's most emblematic places, such as Ascensor Glória, Príncipe Real and Amoreiras.

A ride on the Tram 24 is an opportunity to look over the city from the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint, or visit the Príncipe Real neighbourhood, full of palaces, bistros and restaurants of the moment, and classy alternative shops.

Before reaching the final destination, Tram 24 makes a stop in the upmarket neighbourhood of Amoreiras, right in front of Dom Pedro Lisboa hotel. Once in this neighbourhood full of cafés, pastry shops, offices and shops, you cannot miss the first big and modern shopping centre of the country: Amoreiras Shopping Centre.


Tram 15

Many of the Trams 15 are already modern and articulated, but every now and then a classic yellow carriage appears on this route, which starts at Figueira Square. Still, even without being the typical Lisbon tram, this is a route worth taking, because it is the only one in the city that provides a riverside experience.

Tram 15 passes through the famous Comércio Square (or Terreiro do Paço), where you will be amazed by the proportion of the streets with Portuguese pavement and the extraordinary view of the Tagus. Next, the tram will enter Cais do Sodré, a place of bars, nightlife, and music, but also gastronomy at the famous Time Out Market.

The tour continues towards Alcântara and Belém. In Alcântara you can visit the Carris Museum to learn more about the history of trams in Lisbon. In Belém, where most travellers choose to get off the tram 15, the Torre de Belém, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos are the main attractions of Belém, but you can't miss the famous pastéis de Belém, !


Tram 12

Also leaving from Figueira Square is Tram 12, which makes the shortest route of all trams in Lisbon.

Tram 12 makes a circular route from Martim Moniz and, like Tram 28, it also passes by Largo das Portas do Sol and the Santa Luzia viewpoint, from where it is possible to be dazzled by the dominoes of the city's roofs that combine with the blue of the Tagus River.

But what makes Tram 12 truly unique is the fact that it goes up to the highest hill in Lisbon, where the Castle is. After arriving at the door of São Jorge Castle, at the Limoeiro stop, the tram goes down through Sé de Lisboa and returns to the starting point.


Where to buy tickets for the trams in Lisbon?

Individual tickets for the trams in Lisbon can be purchased directly on the tram: through the conductor or the ticket machine. With this method, the ticket will cost 3€ per trip.

However, if during one day you want to make several trips on several public transports around Lisbon, you can buy the Viva Card, which costs €0.50, and charge it with the option "24h Carris/Metro ticket", which includes tram, metro and bus trips for only €6.45. This ticket must be purchased on the metro or at a registered ticket office.


Make the most of your stay with the Dom Pedro Lisboa Hotel. Close to the main tourist attractions of this city, and with a stop for the Tram 24, our hotel is an obvious choice for those who wish to discover the Portuguese capital in a convenient and central way. Visit us!

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