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10 benefits of playing golf

Golfers are playing more golf, formers golfers are also returning to the sport, and more and more people are taking up golf for the first time as a sought escape from the coronavirus pandemic. But what makes golf so popular? And mainly what are the primary benefits of golf?

A lifetime game for all ages and physical conditions

If we think about golf in very general terms, one of the first things that people in golf talk about on constant basis is what the game of golf is. Golf it is the game of a lifetime and, for that reason, suitable for all ages and physical conditions. So you can be a little kid and you can start playing golf. Or you can be an elderly person and you can still play golf. Its handicapping system allows players of varying skill levels to play on an equitable basis. Not many other sports are like that. 

Golf is a great exercise

Like many other sports the primary benefit of having some physical activity is that it improves your physical condition. Golf is no different. And first and foremost, golf is a great exercise and, specifically, provides moderately intense physical activity. Not only you spend a lot of time on your feet, but you also do a lot of walking, while carrying your bag, and swinging. In fact, most golf courses will make you walk around 4 miles by the end and this constant movement will increase your heart rate and blood flow, which ultimately results in a healthier heart, while enhancing brain stimulation and improves your balance.

Golf gets you outside into the green and the fresh air

When you play a round of golf you will spend obviously that time outdoors and, in fairness, any activity that gets you outside is beneficial for your health.

You will get the benefits of spending time outside, such as the fresh air and the sun. Fresh air can improve your digestive health, your blood pressure and heart rate. Spending time in direct sunlight is necessary to boost your immune system through the absorption of Vitamin D.

A healthy body can sustain a healthy mind

The combination of outdoors, fresh air and sun are also known for its benefits on your mental well-being, improving depression, anxiety and also boosting your sleep, concentration, your creative thinking and your self-esteem.

Various studies show an increase in levels of endorphins and serotonin in your brain while walking outdoors, resulting in an increase of happiness and sense of well-being.

Finally, being outdoors and close to nature reduce the risk of various chronic health diseases, including obesity.

Exercise your brain while enjoying the views

Perhaps one of the best benefits of golf is related to the brain. Golf is a sport that aims to teach focus, concentration and accuracy while encouraging creativity and creative thinking. You need all of those to predict and visualise where and how far your shot will go. Likewise, hand-eye coordination is highly required in golf, as in knowing where your ball landed.

By being a sensory-motor activity, golf also relies on repetitive practice sessions, where you sense the ground, club and your surroundings, including the target, while your brain is analysing this information to determine the best approach to accomplish the goal.

All of this counts as exercise for your brain and helps preventing brain degeneration and cognitive decline.

Likewise, repeated swings improve your muscle memory, and navigating a course gives you a greater sense of distance and depth.

Challenge yourself and get a healthy sense of competition

While you can enjoy sharing the golf course, and unlikely many team sports, golf is a personal sport. And part of the fun and challenge of golf is exactly to set new goals for yourself and to improve your game. Most of the time, you will be playing against yourself and the main goal will be to beat your own previous record.

Build character and acceptance

Playing golf requires to deal with a certain amount of frustration. More you play, better you can get and better you can recognise your strengths and weaknesses and tackle them. For instance, when you miss a put or land in the sand trap for the fourth time, you have the chance to get upset or to take a deep breath and recognise that sometimes things do not go as planned. This is a great opportunity to build character, acceptance and to have the chance to see the bigger picture around your struggles. 

Relaxation and stress reliever

We already mentioned the benefits of being outdoors to aid your mental well-being, but the game itself can also help you relaxing and reducing stress levels. Playing golf can be a positive option to combat stress, mainly if you are playing by yourself. If you are enjoying a golf round by yourself, you get the unique opportunity to focus only on the problems at hand: your club and the ball, and getting that ball into the hole.

Golf burns calories and can help with weight loss

Golf provides moderately intense physical activity and it can help towards weight loss. You may not feel like you are getting some workout, but remember that you will spend a lot of time on your feet, walking, swinging and putting.
Actually, the daily recommendation for a healthy lifestyle is to take more than 7,500 to 10,000 steps and whilst playing an 18 hole round you will definitely exceed that amount and burn away some calories.

Serious injuries are very unlikely

Any sport or physical activity has a risk of injuries associated, but golf is primarily a low-risk sport. Certainly you can hurt yourself, but as a low impact activity, golf rarely exposes players to a serious risk of injuries. Make sure to be careful when carrying your golf equipment and adopt a stretching plan to avoid tension and muscle pain.

Overall, the benefits of golf beyond playing the game itself are needed today more than ever. Golf remains a healthy and inimitable experience, providing a safe harbour for both people’s physical and mental well-being. It remains a place families and friends can remain connected while also support a healthy lifestyle.

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