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50 years



The giveaway is promoted by DOM PEDRO – INVESTIMENTOS TURÍSTICOS, S.A., with headquarter located on Rua Dr. Fernão Ornelas, nº 67 – 2.º Esq., 9050-000 Funchal, with a 15.000.000€ share capital, and Tax-ID number 511 013 949, registered at the Conservatória do Registo Comercial do Funchal.


The giveaway is an initiative to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, since the inauguration of the Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection’s first hotel unit.


The objective is to encourage the interaction with online and offline audience, by rewarding that interaction, giving a total of 50 prizes. These prizes, will be drawn during the year of 2020.




The giveaway "50 ANOS, 50 PRÉMIOS” is an action promoted by Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection, and its objective is to reward the participants, whom will have to follow the instructions expressed on this regulation to be qualified, which are outlined below:

1.1 The giveaway is directed to all the participants over 18 years old, that follows us on our social media: Facebook (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf) or Instagram (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf);

1.2. The giveaway will take place, between the 12th of March and the 12th of January of 2020, until 11:59 p.m. (this meaning that the raffle will happen monthly, until the 11th). Be aware of the following fact: if the 11th coincide with the weekend or a holiday. the raffle will take place on the following monday.




2.1. The giveaway is published, simultaneously, on our social media: Facebook (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf) or Instagram (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf), as well as on our official website  www.dompedro.com;


2.2. The participants to be able to take part, will have to fill in the form, in which all the fields are mandatory, available on the page. One can participate as many times as he/she wishes.




3.1. The prizes consist in:

3.2. Regarding the reservations, of accommodation at the hotels, the green fees, and the golf classes at the golf courses, these are subject to availability of the chosen unit, and shall be requested directly by email or phone call. While booking, the winner must refer its voucher number. 


3.3. The reservations can be made at any time, subject to availability, with the exception of the following dates:

3.4. The prize does not include travel expenses, nor the ones made during the accommodation or stay, at any of the Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection Group’s facilities. 


3.5. The prize cannot be exchanged by any other similar or nominal value, nor can be transmitted to third party; 


3.6. The prize is not convertible in money, nor is cumulative with other campaigns or valid offers, at Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection.




4.1. The raffle will select five winners’ emails randomly per month, and will be held internally by the Marketing team of Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection, through "Sorteador”;


4.2. The winners will be announced publicly, at the 12th of each month, on our social media platforms: Facebook (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf), Instagram (@dompedrohotels and @dompedrogolf) at on our official website www.dompedro.com, by our own publication. We alert for the following fact: if the 12th coincide with the weekend or a holiday. the raffle will take place on the following monday.


4.3. The winners will be reached, by email to the address they used to participate and shall confirm its reception. After confirming, which shall be made on the next five working days after receiving the first email, the winner will receive a second email, with the voucher containing the prize.


4.4. All the vouchers handed to the winners have validity of 12 months;

4.5. If you do not confirm the reception of the email, announcing that you won, you will lose the prize;


4.6. If any of these vouchers are not claimed, they will transit for the next month raffle.




5.1. Personal data from all the participants will be collected, under the scope of mandatory data delivery, for the prize giving;


5.2. The participants authorise Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection to collect and automatically handle their data for the purpose of this giveaway;


5.3. To participate, all the data requested on the formulary, is mandatory; the omission and/or inaccuracy of the given data are of the sole and exclusive responsibility of the participant; 


5.4. The purposes of the personal data handling are:


i) manage the participation in this giveaway  and to disclose the attribution of the prizes, based on the acceptance of this giveaway rules;

ii) sending commercial communications by email, based on your consent;


5.5. Only and exclusively essential data for the purpose of prize attribution and distribution will be collected and treated;

5.6. The personal data will be kept for one year, but Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection can keep it for a longer period, if necessary for the formulation, exercise, or defense regarding legal action on the terms of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP); 


5.7. The participant’s personal data will be processed by computer only and exclusively for this giveaway management, and the prize sending;

5.8. The Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection is authorised to communicate the winner’s data to third parties exclusively for the purpose of prize giving on GRDP terms;

5.9. The participant acknowledge that its data circulate on the internet, are not protected against deviations, and that the communication of any sensitive information will be made upon its entire responsibility.  




6.1. The Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection reserves the right to change, suspend, and cancel this giveaway, in case of compelling situations, without necessarily entailing any obligation of participant’s compensation.


6.2. Any participant acting in bad faith and using fake information to participate, manipulating the giveaway, will be excluded;

6.3. In case of fraudulent participation, the Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection, reserves the rights of excluding the participant and cancel the prize. The participants considered fraudulent will be communicated to the appropriate authorities and can be object of judicial action;

6.4. In case of anything happens that is not predicted on this regulation, the Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection will rectify the gap with the spirit underlying on this Regulation, and reserves the right to make any modification during this giveaway, extend it and suspend it without previous warning;

6.5. The Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection, will not be held responsible for any human or technical error, that may occur during this giveaway process during the period it remains active. 




7.1. Any divergence or matter that arise between the promoter organisation and its participants, resulting on interpretation and this giveaway application, will be submitted to the Lisbon district courts, with express waiver of any other, except mandatory legal norm as otherwise stipulated. 




8.1. All the participants of this giveaway accept tacitly the terms and conditions established by this Regulation.



9.1. In case you need any further information, regarding this giveaway, please send us an email to 50anniversary@dompedro.com, we will try to answer in less than 24 hours (applicable on weekdays).