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The warm and delicious chestnuts of Portugal


At this time of year, the sun comes out again for a few days to celebrate the São Martinho (St Martin) summer, the scent of roasted chestnuts starts to be felt in the streets of Portugal, and the famous phrase "castanhas quentinhas e boas" (warm and delicious chestnuts) is said by the vendors with their huge charcoal roasters.

Discover the best places to eat roasted chestnuts in Portugal and enjoy the São Martinho summer!


São Martinho in Lisbon

In the streets and alleys of the Portuguese capital there are plenty of traders selling good, warm chestnuts, often wrapped in a bag with a space reserved for the shells, great for the environment.

Downtown Lisbon is one of the areas with the most options to celebrate the Magusto (feast of St Martin celebrated by roasting chestnuts on a bonfire), starting from Rua Augusta and Rua Garrett to Praça dos Restauradores and Rua do Carmo, near the Glória lift.

It is also common to find chestnut sellers near the underground entrances and in front of Amoreiras Shopping Centre, near Dom Pedro Lisboa.

Festas de São Martinho in Oeiras

Another suggestion to celebrate the magusto in Lisbon are the São Martinho Festivities in Oeiras, which include the offer of roasted chestnuts and wine from Carcavelos.

About 20 minutes away by car from Dom Pedro Lisboa, the Municipality of Oeiras will celebrate São Martinho on the 11th of November in Largo 5 de Outubro, and on the 13th of November in Parque Anjos, Algés.

Enjoy this party with lots of musical entertainment and several activities related to the magusto!


São Martinho in the Algarve

In the South of Portugal, São Martinho is celebrated with roasted chestnuts and jeropiga (drink made from grape must and firewater).

Town centres are the places where you will find most chestnut sellers in the Algarve, but you can also enjoy a dozen warm chestnuts at the outside entrances of shopping centres, such as Mar Shopping Algarve, just 20 minutes’ drive from the Dom Pedro hotels in Vilamoura.

Magusto in Quarteira

Quarteira, the parish in which Vilamoura is located, will also celebrate São Martinho on November 13 with a Magusto, including a dance, chestnuts and "água-pé" (drink made from grape must, firewater and water).

Stop by the Largo do Centro Autárquico de Quarteira on Sunday and enjoy roasted chestnuts and the traditional "água-pé"!

São Martinho in Madeira

The best place to celebrate magusto in Madeira is Curral das Freiras, known mainly for its traditional dishes made with chestnuts.

Curral das Freiras celebrates the Magusto in early November, but if you missed the Chestnut Festival you can visit the parish any time of the year to taste the local cuisine.

São Martinho Festival in São Martinho

The parish of São Martinho, near our hotels in Madeira, holds a festival on the 11th of November in honour of its patron saint: São Martinho.

Besides the big festivities at São Martinho Church, tradition demands that on the eve of São Martinho you taste new wine and roast cod.


Come and celebrate the magusto and make the most of your stay with Dom Pedro hotels during the São Martinho summer. Don't forget to eat a dozen warm and delicious chestnuts!

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