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Discover the new Padel Course in the Algarve


Able to attract women and men of all ages, regardless of physical condition, it is natural that padel has become the latest sports trend in Portugal.

Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection did not want to be left out of this new trend, get to know the newest padel course in Vilamoura, in the Algarve!

What is Padel?

If you have come across this article by chance, but you are still not sure what padel is, we start by telling you that it is an easy sport to start and one in which you can have a lot of fun!

Padel is a racquet sport which is played in pairs and, as in tennis, the ball has to go over the net and hit the opponent's court. One of the main differences between the two sports is that the padel court is totally enclosed.


The New Algarve Padel Course

With the number of padel players growing, numerous padel courts are being built all over the country. And Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection didn't want to be out of this trend, so we decided to add a padel course in our hotel Dom Pedro Vilamoura, in the Algarve!

Course Information

For a better performance, our padel court in the Algarve is made of synthetic grass, which allows you to play in all weather conditions. We also have a lighting system that allows you to play at night or on the darkest days.

Opening hours are at 8am, the last appointment can be made until 9pm.


Padel prices and equipment

If you are staying at one of the Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection’s hotels in Vilamoura, renting the courses is completely free! For those who are not staying in our hotels, it is possible to rent the Dom Pedro padel court from 25€/hour. If you need any equipment, such as rackets or balls, you can rent them with us for 5€.

The availability and booking of the court, the renting of rackets and ball and respective payments are always made at the reception of Dom Pedro Vilamoura. The opening of the courts, as well as the lighting is also done at the reception.


Padel is capable of conquering even those who have never used a racket in their lives, don't stay out of this trend and come have fun at our padel court in the Algarve

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