Hotel Amadeus Apollo/Galileo Sabre Worldspan
Dom Pedro Laguna GWFOR304 GW84135 GW136664 GW2304
Dom Pedro Palace GWLIS007 GW6150 GW2166 GW06872
Dom Pedro Golf GWFAO461 GW43808 GW21642 GW08461
Dom Pedro Marina GWFAO009 GW43732 GW67826 GW08456
Dom Pedro Portobelo GWFAO007 GW43731 GW67827 GW08455
Meia Praia Beach Club GWFAO871 GW84756 GW74995 GW17871
Dom Pedro Baia GWFNC342 GW6127 GW6179 GW08342
Dom Pedro Garajau GWFNC003 GW6126 GW46648 GW6876

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