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Things do to in Brazil

Walks on the beach

If you enjoy a good walk on the beach, leave the hotel via the beach and turn left. Take a good 3km walk, for approximately half an hour, until you reach Prainha beach. At low tide, Prainha has natural pools. At the entrance to this beach you will find kite surf lessons, for the sportier types.

Prainha boasts approximately 1km of shacks offering fish stews, lobster, shrimp and crab. We suggest DONA DIVA. This beach is rustic, peaceful and perfect for watching how bilro lace is created by the Prainha “rendeiras” (weavers). On your way back, you can always return to the hotel by buggy, but check at the reception before leaving the hotel.

Beach Park

Spend a day at Beach Park, the greatest water park in Brazil, for great fun and thrills for all ages. One of the largest water parks in South America, it is located in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, on Porto das Dunas beach, 16km from Fortaleza, in the Aquiraz municipality, only 25 minutes from the Hotel Dom Pedro Laguna.

With plenty of fun for the whole family, here you can choose from family activities, moderate activities or extreme activities, involving lots of adrenaline. For children, there is a water playground with more than 50 toys, as well as the Maremoto, the greatest wave pool in South America.

As for waterslides, the Insano is the adrenaline champion: a 41-metre drop that reaches 105km/h. Take a break in Espaço Cabanas, ideal for a much needed rest between rides. On the beach, you’ll find the best regional and international cuisine. Seafood based dishes and a varied programme you can enjoy with your feet in the sand, are another of Beach Park’s great attractions.

Beberibe - Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes:

Morro Branco

If you wish to see heavenly beaches, don’t miss those along the coast of the Beberibe municipality, on Ceará’s eastern coast, 89km from Fortaleza and 54km from the Dom Pedro Laguna. Morro Branco beach, located 5km from downtown Beberibe, is known for its yellow, red and white sand. Another must is the Morro Branco Labirinto (Labyrinth), made up of twelve different colours of sand and formed by the cliffs’ erosion.

Throughout the entire expanse of beach, visitors can bathe in the freshwater springs that spout from the cliffs. In the ocean, rafts head out to the high seas searching for fish and seafood that can be savoured in Morro Branco’s beach shacks.

Don’t miss the sunset from Morro Branco’s lookout, on a trail that passes by the white dune that gave this place its name (White Hill). An unforgettable landscape of colour.

In town, visitors can buy handicrafts. We highlight the little bottles containing landscapes made of coloured sand. Tourists can watch as these souvenirs are created.

Praia das Fontes

Next to Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes (Beach of Fountains), with its colourful cliffs spouting freshwater springs, is a good choice for buggy rides. The Uruaú Lagoon is one of the greatest in the State, and is also located in this municipality.

Make sure you bathe in the seawater, as well as in the freshwater in the natural springs that flow down the cliffs to the beach. A unique scenario of beauty and tranquillity.

Where to eat

Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes are the best beaches for you to get acquainted with the Ceará culture, since these offer an adequate tourism structure: from rustic shacks to restaurants. In all of these, the main star on the menus is fish.

Favourite dishes include lobster and stingray moqueca (stew). “Peixe à bela mineira” (fish Minas-style) is the most requested dish due to president Dilma Rousseff once mentioning it was her favourite.

In Morro Branco there are 20 beach shacks on the shore, but only five of these were turned into large restaurants: Areias Coloridas, Água Viva, Beira-Mar, Sereia and SJ.

Buggy rides

This is the best way to see everything. In Beberibe, there are four associations and a total of 180 certified buggies.

Rides are organised depending on the tides and the client’s wishes: the complete route, from Morro Branco to Praia do Diogo or to Praia das Fontes. The rides last two hours. Passing first through the ecological route in Labirinto das Falésias, the ride begins on the beaches: Praia das Fontes, Praia do Diogo, the shifting sand dunes, freshwater lagoons in the narrow parts, leading to the Uruaú Lagoon, a veritable paradise.

On the way you will pass the Mirante (lookout), Pico dos Anjos, Fonte da Juventude, Gruta Mãe D’Água, Lagoa Azul and Esquibunda dune, dropping down a thrilling 100 metre slope.

Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada (Broken Canoe) is located in the Aracati municipality, 165km from the great Fortaleza, and 130km from Dom Pedro Laguna. This former fishing village became a tourist attraction in the 1970s when a group of hippies were captivated by the area’s incredible beauty and the hospitality of the natives who lived there. It is currently considered one of the pearls of the Ceará’s Eastern Coast.

From the top of Canoa’s highest dune, admire one of the greatest sights in the northeast, Canoa’s sunset. For the more mystical souls, the sunset seen from the highest dune in Canoa Quebrada has a different energy than in other places. Another feature is the temperature (between 27 and 30ºC) which remains stable all year round.

Canoa Quebrada and outings to the region’s tourist spots and neighbouring beaches: Ponta Grossa, Garganta do Diabo, Rio Jaguaribe and Parque de Dunas e Lagoas (Park of Dunes and Lagoons). Set a day aside to take a raft ride or go horseback riding to get in touch with nature. For the more adventurous, there are buggy and quadricycle rides.

Fortaleza nightlife

Bar do Pirata

Located in Iracema beach, in Fortaleza, Bar do Pirata (Pirate’s Bar) is the place to dance a proper Forró every Monday. The Banda do Pirata (Pirate’s Band) plays a combination of axé, forró, pagode, samba-rock, rock and other musical genres.

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