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Algarve Landmarks 



The fishing town of PORTIMÃO - A typical fishing town, with a 14th century Church, as well as the Roman ruins of Abicada and the magnificent Praia da Rocha beach, in the outskirts.
SAGRES - Sight of the 15th century Nautical School of  Henry the Navigator, which played a crucial role in the Portuguese Discoveries. The 14th century fortress and the gigantic compass are among the greatest landmarks and Cape St. Vincent is the most western point of the European continent.
SILVES - This picturesque town, reached across a 12th century bridge, was once guarded by the Arab castle on the hill-top and has a Gothic cathedral which was built on the sight of an ancient Mosque.
TAVIRA - Picturesque town with medieval houses, a Roman bridge, ancient churches and long sandy beaches.
FARO - The capital of the district, has a medieval wall, a Roman-Gothic cathedral, a Museum and Churches, among its attractions.
LAGOS - Historic town with a 15th century fortress, baroque churches and the 9th century Sao Joao Hermitage. Other points of interest include the old slave market and the marina.
MONCHIQUE - Nestled in the mountains of Monchique is the famous thermal Spa, with great panoramic views over the Algarve coast. The baroque Misericordia Church and the 17th century Hermitage are also worth a visit.

In the northern part of the Algarve, the hills of Espinhaço de Cão, Monchiqe and Caldeirão shelter the coast from strong winds. This brightly-coloured region, with its fig trees, orange groves and almond-trees in blossom, is also the most verdant and fertile. The southern coastline consists of a long stretch of fabulous sandy beaches, broken up by extraordinary rugged cliffs and fantastic grottoes.


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