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Cardio-fitness room
Indoor pool with “chromo-therapy”
Find your balance
30 minutes massage - tired legs recovery
Indoor pool with “chromo-therapy”
Body complements
30 minutes massage - head, shoulders and neck
Face rituals
30 minutes massage - Foot reflexology
Face rituals
30 minutes massage - back, shoulders and neck
Hot stone massage
Body complements


With a very modern warm coloured and relaxing SPA, called SPA Aquae, guests have now another space aiming at feeling a difference and enjoing unforgettable moments.
Guests can enjoy the cardio-fitness room, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, five treatment rooms and especially the indoor pool, where they can have a good flavour of the chromo-therapy, which is the use of different colors in an alternative cure of diseases.

The indoor pool includes a sample of a technique used by ancient civilizations: “chromo-therapy” which is the use of different colors in an alternative cure of diseases. Therapeutic properties will act on specific energy points called “Chakras”, correcting and reactivating the points “Vibrating cell" Using earth colors in the decor, the Aquae SPA appeals to primary elements connection and through them to the essence of the human being.

SPA Aquae, a space created to balance the body and mind. To take the days´stress away.
Find your balance at Spa Aquae!

All Clients in Tower Rooms or Suites have FREE ACESS to the SPA

Mandatory use of bathrobe, slippers and towel ( KIT SPA).  Clients can rent the KIT SPA at the SPA.

Entrance + Kit Spa prices:

Entrance + Kit Spa for one person:   7,50€
Entrance + Kit Spa for two people:  10,00€
Entrance + Kit Spa for three people:15,00€

Children policy 
Children under 12 may only use the pool between 12pm and 5pm

Opening times: Aquae SPA – 10.30am to 9pm     Fitness Center – 05 am to 11pm
Information: + (351) 2138966 00 | 


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