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Diving at Madeira



Madeira has the perfect combination of natural elements that produce the ideal setting to practice all sports throughout the year.

With its mild climate and specific geographical location, Madeira provides a broad range of water sports.  Nonetheless, this island encourages not only the local population but also those who visit us, to participate in other outdoor activities

Golf - The mild climate on the two islands is ideal for golf all year round. This, together with the exceptionally beautiful scenery, influenced the decision to build two golf courses in Madeira and one in Porto Santo.
The Madeira Open has been held in spring in Santo da Serra since 1993. It is part of the PGA European Tour

In Madeira there is a broader range of water sports where the most common activities are swimming, surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing, canoeing or water skiing

Fishing - Madeira is winning international fame as a first class destination for deep water sea fishing. It is one the best locations in the world to fish for blue marlin of over 500 kg, thanks to abundance of tuna and tuna like species in these deep waters.

Diving - Beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean lies a fantastic underwater garden. Diving in Madeira is a unique experience. Anthia Diving Centre is the new diving center in Dom Pedro Baia.

Jet Ski and Water Ski are fine ways to enjoy the sea and the Madeira coast, which unfurls itself in green folds around the water’s edge.

Surf and Windsurfing - If it’s adrenaline you’re after, then the Madeira coast is the place Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and S. Vicente all offer excellent surfing, with waves able to stir even the stout-hearted.
Windsurfing conditions are also very good. In 1996 a native of Madeira won the world championship.

Madeira is the ideal place for extreme sports, thanks also to its singular relief composed of deep valleys and imposing mountains.

Canyoning - Getting down the rivers of Madeira is a way to see undiscovered and untouched parts of the island, while revelling in the exciting journey through transparent waters. During summer the northern rivers are the most appropriate, as the flows are high and there is enough white water to create an exciting challenge. During winter, however, we recommend the streams to the south, with gentler, quieter flows.

Climbing - Madeira’s volcanic origins and its rugged mountainous relief are a guarantee of adventurous moments. To summit the impressive and magnificent mountains bursting directly from the sea is a memorable conquest for any climber worth his salt.
The favoured areas for climbing are the central mountain range, the sea cliffs and some of the northern cliffs.

Trekking - Madeira’s challenging terrain and mountainous environment typical are a route-planner’s delight. Beautiful landscapes provide the opportunity for deep contact with nature. The northern and the central mountain range are perfect areas for this kind of activity.

Cycling - Discover the pleasures of riding a bicycle along Levadas and unpaved roads, through forest and mountains, making the best of the friendly landscape.

Madeira’s distinctive, mountainous terrain and the rich diversity of the landscape make it a unique challenge for even the most experienced orienteering enthusiasts.

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