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Despite being one of smallest States in Brazil, Ceará has one of the longest coastlines in the country. Fortaleza has some of the nicest urban beaches in Brazil, while Ceará has well preserved, nearly wild, unexplored beaches.

West Coast
The most popular beaches are:
Icaraí in Cumbuco, in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza,
Jericoacoara, located in the municipality of Jijoca.

Seaside East
The most popular beaches:
Porto das Dunas
Canoa Quebrada: 
This old fishing village in Aracati was discovered for tourism in the mid 70´s by a group of hippies that enjoyed the hospitality and were received by the natives of this cinemagraphic location, just 175km from Fortaleza. Today, besides the eternal overwhelming landscape, the greatest attractions to enjoy the strong sun are the dune buggy tours through the sand dunes along the beach and the red cliffs, and the refreshing dives in the calm blue-green ocean. Reserve a day to sail on the (native fishing boats) jangadas, another for a horseback ride along the beach and forget the clock; just let the wind guide you through the deserted sand dunes.

When the sun begins to decline, run to the top of the dunes and you will witness one of the most spectacular sites in the northeast. They say that this sunset seen by lovers results in marriage! 

Places to visit in Fortaleza:

Fortaleza Cathedral
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza started to be built in 1939, and took nearly 40 years to complete (it was dedicated on December 22nd 1978); the design was by French architect George Mounier.
The church, built in Gothic-Roman style, fits 5,000 people, and is the third largest in Brazil. 

Cachaca museum

Beach Park 
The first and largest water park in Latin America. Beach Park is located in the Municipality of Aquiraz, on the Porto das Dunas beach, in Ceará, 16km (20min) from Fortaleza

Buggy Tour to Cambuco         










Beach Park


Bus stop







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